Call Centre Charter

It is with great pride that the Department of Social Scrutiny unveils its latest Customer Service Charter today - the Blue Charter Mark, which consolidates our previous Brown Flag for Cleanliness and the Silver Earplug Award for Telephone Attention into one unbeatable service package.
This exciting package rolls many features into the Service Charter bundle, many of which are outlined below in the Customer Service Checklist.

Customer Service Checklist.
  • All telephone enquiries will be routed to Outer Mongolia via a 4,000 kilometre loop of bell wire.
  • Our contractors action your enquiry in Central Lowland Scottish accents to a call centre in Fife, who escalate your support request by staring out the window and visiting websites for the remainder of the day.
  • If you have a further enquiry, your call will be placed on hold while employees of our Fife call centre send one another emails containing slightly off-colour jokes featuring some degree of racial or sexual stereotyping and far too many exclamation marks.
  • You will then be played music on a poorly-edited 31 second tape loop that you will find yourself whistling at your grandmother's funeral six year later, having eventually seeped into your subconscious mind as a response to unswerving anger and sorrow.
  • If you are unsatisfied with our response to an automatically answered call, you can lodge an official appeal by recording the full conversation and playing it backwards at full volume to our Customer Defusing Centre, located at your local Mental Health Centre.
  • Our staff have the right to work without fear of encountering pushy people like you who want more than they can provide which is, by and large, nothing.

New Government logo makes everything ‘alright’ again


The Department of Social Scrutiny is delighted to announce the adoption of a new Royal Crest which, we believe, mirrors the true values of Modern Britain and is set to make everything OK again.

The new crest, however, contains a number of heraldic devices which it may be necessary to explain to people unfamiliar with the deep-rooted symbolism of power.

1 Lamb Rampant
The sheep's nature - that of a docile, fluffy and easily panicked animal that happily follows the crowd, bleating as it goes to be annually fleeced for its coat - has long symbolized the British people.

2 Ram Rampant
With its beard, hardened horn, fixed, dead and glassy gaze, the Ram symbolizes the meddling judiciary.

3 Coronation Lion
The Crowned Beast of Britannia which, since the onset of Avian Flu, replaces the Coronation Chicken.

4 Ombudslion
To ensure fairness and inclusiveness, the Coronation Lion is overseen, heraldically, by a further crowned lion, symbolizing the official Government Watchdog, the Ombudslion. The Government has obtained a legal dispensation from the Zoological Society of London to re-classify all lions as dogs.

5 Overlion
The Ombudslion is a wholly-owned Corporation of the Federal Government of Texas.

6 Insouciant Goat
The previously secret Cloven-Hoofed Beast that makes all the real decisions in Government is displayed for the first time here, under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

7 Deleted Reference
For reasons of decency, the Ceremonial Plate of Regal Turds cannot be displayed.

8 Cross, Pennant
Symbolizing the idea of nationhood - the crucifix that bears the nation's flag is hammered through the base of the brain of the people and exits through the chest, both stiffening the posture and acting as a crutch.

9 Ram's Gonads
This stands for the inalienable right of any members of the legal profession to display his or her genitals, the third Tuesday of every month.

Frequently Asked FAQs

Can you tell me a little bit about the DoSS website?
This website incorporates 150 cubic yards of JavaScript sprayed onto a lightweight superstructure of broken promises and Cryptically-Encoded-Hyperbole (CEH) - the new super-smooth non-stick material that lines the Space Shuttle lavatory and the press briefing room at Downing Street.
Where does all the money go?
You've mentioned chairs twice. How come?
In our full accounts, the additional office chair is balanced on the credit side by the presence of a chair fashioned from anti-matter. If we were to show both the chair and the anti-chair on the same graph the damage to the pie chart would be colossal.
The graph only adds up to 80%. How come?
Oh, it's you again. This is a bug in your web browser that is unable to handle modern accounting, particularly the new technique of bent numbers • the practise of plotting four different axes onto a three dimensional graph on a two dimensional surface. The accountant bends two copies of the graph and plots points using polarised light and a pair of specially adapted cheap sunglasses.
I have applied for a job with DoSS. How will I know whether my application was successful?
DoSS regularly communicates with its agents in the field via messages left in their household refuse. If you have not thought of going through your bin for secret mail from the Government, then we're sorry, you are simply too mentally stable to work for us. Thank you for your interest.
I'd like to write some favourable and compelling copy about DoSS. Where do I get your graphics from?
You can download both of our logos here.
Terms of use:
  • The two colours used in the DoSS logo are "Selsey Flapjack" and "Vichy Whisper".
  • When using the chartermark, you must position it not more than 30cm away from a Government Minister at all times.
  • You may face criminal prosecution if you use any of these logos in a way that reflects badly on DoSS: ie - pornography, pyramid schemes, negative news stories.

I agree to these terms: