The Department of Social Scrutiny

“ your statutory rights are non-effective ”

The DoSS ebook

Below you'll find a preview of the DoSS e-book expanded edition; you can scroll through and read a chunk of it here on the website or buy and download the PDF in its entirety via the link – downloading it will enable you to use its interactive forms and features, features that aren’t available in the online viewer.

The book is over 230 pages long, about 13 Mb in size and features a graphic miscellany of items from fake Highway Code road signs, tax and benefit forms, parodies of educational institutions, British food and drink, the NHS, British death and even the afterlife.

Britain What a State Annotated

Think of Britain and what do you think of ?

  • The orderly stripe of a lawn.
  • The gentle patter of relentless rainfall.
  • Radio 4.
  • Tea.

Based on this website, Britain: What a State is a send-up of an entire way of life. From the unique British class system to pubs and our beloved transport network, every element of our society is brilliantly explained and illustrated in a series of wincingly accurate spoof official forms from the DoSS.

Click the buy button below to download the full 240 page edition of Britain: What a State