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The Department has executive responsibility for tax, benefits and counter-insurgency. The Secretary of State for Social Scrutiny (known informally as the double SS) is Sir Edward Bicycle, MP, QC, DFS, the Conservative member for Pleurisy Cheam. His deputy, the Minister for Truth and Other Information is Alan Bladder, MP, who represents Sloven Stokesby, a safe Liberal seat until 2015. This website incorporates 150 cubic yards of JavaScript sprayed onto a lightweight superstructure of broken promises and Cryptically-Encoded-Hyperbole.
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Download the annotated, ever-so-slightly interactive e-book of Britain: What A State, the full colour, annotated and illustrated DoSS Handbook of Britain.

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P-45. Congratulations: You're Fired
What was the reason for your dismissal? Was it "gross idealism", did you have a "tactless flair for your job" or, most damning of all, were you "tested positive for Soul"?